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Учитель математики

Daniel Shubow: Math can be fun

Our new math teacher Daniel Shubow has a lot of experience teaching in international setting which will come in handy with our diverse group of students. His teaching philosophy is perfectly aligned with our STEM department's goals: make learning math an enjoyable and enriching experience.

What is your favorite thing about teaching? 

Imparting knowledge on others. A math class need not be 100% math 100% of the time. The class can take a diversion and still maintain a learning environment even if we divert from the lesson plan a little bit. 

What do you think are the biggest challenges with middle school today? 

Middle school is at the focal point of students’ learning. It's the first time they go from class to class, and their classmates seem less and less like friends. This is also when children undergo puberty, which surges their neurotransmitters causing added confusion and emotions. These students need to be under the watchful eye of someone who cares for them as a person, rather than a random teacher who they may, or may not see again.

What is your teaching background, and what drew you to Le Sallay’s blended learning model?

I began with 5 or so years teaching university, followed by teaching elementary, middle, and high schools in Vietnam and China. I was drawn to the learning model because it is very student-centric. The emphasis is placed on them, not high-paying parents, which I’ve seen before, mainly in China.  

We’ve all had incredible teachers that ended up making an impact on our lives. Can you tell us a time when you felt like you made a difference in a student’s life? 

When I was teaching remedial (High School level) math at Clayton State I had a student enter my classroom at the age of 77. At the time in the United States it was illegal for her to go to college/university because of her skin color. She got a job, had a family, her children had children, and she decided that she would go back to school. As basic math and ELA are core subjects she needed to pass my class to get into the regular university curriculum.  She passed, with a 99.4%. Her son reached out to me a few years later with her obituary. Her name was followed by the letters Ph.D.

What is your teaching philosophy? 

Math can indeed be fun. It is the dreaded subject of most children but it can become an enjoyable and enriching experience to all.

What were you like in middle school?

I chuckled as I read this question. I was the student every teacher disliked; not for behavior issues or anything negative; I constantly corrected them. One such instance which comes to mind is when my 7th grade math teacher said there always 16oz in a pound. I had to correct her (which involved a trip to the library) to show her that gold is measured in Troy oz; and there are 14 of those in a pound. It would be ideal to have a student challenge me this way.

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